Eshel Avraham

is a tiny, egalitarian, Conservative congregation
A synagogue-without-walls serving Tucson, Arizona and other nearby communities

  • 'Tiny' means that our state charter (which we wrote) limits us to eighteen member units.
  • 'Egalitarian' means that the men and women of Eshel Avraham have precisely the same rights and duties in the service.
  • 'Conservative' means that we follow the liturgical, halachic and theological norms of Conservative Judaism.
From our family to you!       
       Rosh Hashana, 5692
This card was sent 4 September 1931 from family in Staszow, Poland to one of our ancestors in Philadelphia.
       It was printed in Germany.

Eshel Avraham conducts services for all the holidays and festivals. To accommodate unaffiliated individuals, we hold High Holiday services in a large public place. We use our very own Mahzor, a seven-section, ten-year project that we completed in 2001.

  SERVICES for 5776 (2015)
Selichot & study at Handmaker, 2221 N. Rosemont Blvd. 7:30PM Sept 5th 2015
Call 298-6033 (but not on Shabbat) for directions — if you need them.
You are most welcome to attend!
High Holiday services at the Great Room of Handmaker, 2221 N. Rosemont Blvd.
Click Your Invitation (above) to see the schedule.
Then join us in celebrating Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur with our elders.

CONTINUE with Sukkot services at the Great Room of Handmaker, 9:30AM Monday, 28th September 2015

If you have one, bring your lulav!
If you want to order a lulav & etrog, contact Carole Rosenzweig (298-6033; or BEFORE Rosh Hashanah.
You will pay only our cost, but please pay in advance (about $50 per set).


CONCLUDE with Shmini Atzeret/Simhat Torah at the Great Room of Handmaker, 9:30AM Monday 5th October 2015

Dance with the Torah. Have an aliyah. Yizkor, too!

Based on the havurah concept, Eshel Avraham nurtures our Jewish souls within a caring community of families and singles.

We believe that those who learn for themselves and do for themselves reap the greatest benefits. So we follow a 'Jew-it-yourself' philosophy: We have no professional staff whatsoever. Instead, the resources and individuals who create our services and other programs come from within our mishpacha.

We are a synagogue without walls. We have no building fund and no plans for one.

Members of Eshel Avraham conduct Shabbat morning services, too. We use our very own Siddur. It is quite old-fashioned in many ways, but it conjoins the morning service with the musaph service to allow for more Torah-study time. It also has many transliterations to make davening easier for those who read Hebrew letters with some difficulty (or not at all).

 Eshel Avraham safeguards and uses a holocaust memorial Sefer Torah from The Czech Republic rescued by the Memorial Scrolls Trust, London SW7 1BX England.

Many of our members also belong to other Tucson Jewish organizations — including other synagogues. We don't try to be everything to everyone. We do try to be small and warm.

Ask about our schedule and membership. (Carole & Mike,

Come daven with us. Come sing with us. Come study with us.

Come be a part of our family.

We will welcome you.